Ok, been awhile since I last posted on here.  Been busy and being a Giants fan it’s been a time to celebrate and not worry about anything else.  This is probably why updating this site did not end up being all that important.

So what’s next…Tutorials.

I’ve said it before and delayed on the posting and this time I’m really going to start adding some more tutorials.  This is going to be a multi-part posting with a lot of content to go along with it.  First up will be the introduction to setting up a web server on a Mac using the MAMP software package.  From my travels and experience, the setting up of the server tends to be one of the most confusing parts of getting into websites.  Despite this, setting up the server should be one of the easier parts with all of the available packages out there including WAMP on the Windows side.

After that I’ll probably dive a little more into websites, Dreamweaver, and then some integration with software packages like WordPress and a new venture of mine, the young, but definitely noteworthy PyroCMS which is built on the CodeIgniter framework and recently reached its 2.0 milestone.  If you’ve ever tried to dive into Drupal or Joomla headfirst and couldn’t catch on right away, PyroCMS might be worth a look.

Then after that we’ll see where it goes.  If anyone wants to see any particular topics covered with this, just post in the comments and I’ll try to answer or tackle the questions in the updates.

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