Been awhile since my last post but been hard at work plugging away at a lot of different ideas and finishing up a few more articles to be posted soon. Plus the Knicks are in a fight for the playoffs. Although it is the #8 spot they are fighting for, at least it’s the playoffs, can’t remember I said “playoffs” and “knicks” in the same sentence. I think that’s when names like Allan Houston, John Starks, Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing were around.

Anyways, the small update to the site is a web design project I’ve been trying to perfect for a little while. The topic here is Responsive Design. For those that don’t know what this is, it is a big step forward in mobile design compared to what was being done. Previously when you wanted a mobile design you had to worry about Javascript and making practically a whole other site. Well now with the magic of CSS you can show different results to different devices without any of that hassle. Just some simple statements stating what you want to do at every resolution. No SEO issues for those who concern themselves too much with that. No worrying about User Agents or any other over technical bs. Just plain HTML and CSS. Keep it clean at simple.

And just a side note for people interested in keeping up with the latest in design and the like. Adobe has been touting the release of Creative Suite 6 and the ever-infamous “Creative Cloud” which for the small user could have some benefits, but so far I would say I’m not convinced. Too much “coming soon” and other incomplete marketing BS from some…well we all know what kind of person is up there trying to find the next big thing. The event is 4/23, next Monday at 1PM EST, and the link is below for anyone interested.

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