Candy CaneOne thing we get caught up with too often nowadays is getting lost in time with the idea that we never have enough of it, that we should always put more in, or maybe we want to travel back into it. From all my time traveling abroad, the one statement about time that is true is that it is relative. No matter where we are it keeps moving forward, at times slowing down to capture a moment, or at times speeding up as if to be going down an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster. It’s those times we need to stop and just appreciate the holiday season. First, because in hind site, they move very fast. But second because of the short amount of time we spend celebrating them it’s the one time of year we remember to just do and not over-think anything. There’s no worry about whether a mistake was made and if it was we learn, and move on, celebrating the holidays.

So in short, enjoy the holidays and spend time with family and friends!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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