After finally completing a play-through of Resistance 3 and trying to comprehend one of the worst endings in a gaming trilogy in some times it made me want to examine a lot of the things that came in 3’s over the course of the years and see if Resistance 3 was truly that bad in comparison. So here we go.

Super Mario BrosSuper Mario Bros – Yep, that’s right, forget Super Mario World, 64 and every other variation, one of the first I can remember is Super Mario Bros 1, 2 & 3. ┬áThe first is easily one of the most memorable games of all time. The 2nd was one of the strangest follow ups of all time being a complete dream sequence. And then the third was a spectacular new rendition of the original. Not only did it stick to the original formula that worked, (ie: jump on things and get ‘shrooms), but it also added another dimension by giving your character abilities like racoon, tanooki, hammer bros, or even a frog.

Sonic the Hedgehog – Like Mario, Sonic started a generation of games. The first one didn’t introduce us to the speedster we loved, but it was a great game nonetheless. Sonic 2 was everything a Sonic game should be, lightning fast, fun, and non-stop action. Sonic 3 tried to further on what Sonic 2 did by adding more characters, but it was the beginning of the end.

Uncharted – Stepping up to something new. Uncharted is the modern-day Indiana Jones adventure classic. Each game pushed the envelope for acting within gaming. Unlike the previous 2 games, each Uncharted built on the previous and was better than the previous both in gameplay and in story telling. Furthermore, unlike the other two, there has yet to be a drop-off in the quality of the games and they are yet to become stale or try to stray too far from their origin. A truly phenomenal trilogy.

Star Wars – I know, I know, there were six, but the fact that they were released as two separate trilogies should allow them to be counted 2x, right?

And then there are things that should have stopped at the number 3:

Die Hard – First one is a classic, second was forgettable, third was good, but after that? Did we really need more?

Assassin’s Creed – This one is debatable since 3 was just released despite the fact there’s been more than 3 games. While they have been good, they are getting to the point of repetitive in story and in gameplay.

Call of Duty – These games are tired, boring and the same old same. I’d rather purchase a yearly subscription to the online with seasonal trophies/rewards and purchase new single player content along the way. Why does there need to be 1 or more of these games per year? No good reason.

Resistance – While the story had potential in the beginning and gave a very surprising ending in 2, the third was greatly disappointing and is reason to not carry on the storyline any further.

The truth of the matter is that no game really needs to go on forever. In fact, this is what makes some games timeless classics like Chrono Trigger, or one of my personal favorites Earthbound. If you are a fan of a fun RPG that doesn’t take itself to seriously definitely boot up a virtual console and play Earthbound.

So what comes to mind when you think of great 3s and the ones that should have stopped at 3?

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