Hubspot Secrets – The visiting prospects report

Hubspot over the years has added many new features to help marketers and revops from building custom reports to viewing your overall email health in an easy-to-read dashboard. However, over the years some of the useful features have become buried at the expense of all of those new features. One in particular that many sales and marketing organizations would find valuable is the Prospects report.

The Hubspot Prospects Report

Before there were solutions like 6sense, Demandbase, Leadfeeder, and more to tell you who is visiting your site, Hubspot had a little known feature all the Prospects Report. This report was designed prior to Account Based Marketing platforms to help you see what companies were visiting your site as opposed to seeing the users as you traditionally would.

Historically this report would have been found in the Reports –> Analytics Tools section of Hubspot or in the Dashboards and Reports, but over time with the new features that came out in the Analytics Tools there was no room left for this valuable tool. Now the only way to find this tool is to use the Hubspot search functionality and type in “Prospects” and click on the Prospects banner that shows up.

Hubspot Prospects search result

By clicking on this banner you will be taken to a hidden report showing you all of the visiting companies to your site. You can drill into more detail on this report by clicking on the Preview button next to each line item and see details such as the source information of the visitor(s) even if they did not convert on that visit and Related Companies for even more detail about who your visitors might have been.

While you will not get the detail or insights that you would with a much more powerful ABM solution, for the growing business who needs to uncover as much data as it can without the large investment, or for the entrepreneur or job seeker looking for their next opportunity this information can be invaluable.